Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Forestville!

As a member of system of schools known as Catholic Schools Broken Bay we seek to inspire hearts and minds to know Christ, to love learning, to use their talents to be the very best they can be.

Our principal, teachers, staff and parents all work together with the wider community to deliver authentic, professional Catholic education with care and compassion.

Our teachers are committed to the mission of Catholic education and apply evidence-based practice to support students to learn and to gain the confidence and skills to enable them to be involved in shaping their society.


No, your child does not need to be Catholic to enrol at a Catholic school. While preference is given to students of the Catholic faith, particularly if you are active in your parish, our schools welcome families from all backgrounds or faith traditions who share in our mission and purpose.

K-12 Enrolment

Catholic Schools Broken Bay will offer K-12 enrolment during 2021. This will provide you with some surety around enrolment in our systemic secondary colleges for your child.  As the option becomes available, you will only need to provide one enrolment form in primary school and complete a simple updated form to ensure your child’s continued enrolment in one of our systemic secondary colleges.

Enrolment process at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School during COVID-19

We welcome all enrolment applications at OLGC.

In order to complete the enrolment process, the following documents will need to be provided:

  • Enrolment form (signed and all questions completed)
    • Download the enrolment form
    • Complete your child’s enrolment details
    • Save the form as a PDF
    • Email to the school office along with copies of documents listed below olgc@dbb.catholic.edu.au
  • Birth Certificate (include a copy with your enrolment form and the original can be sighted at a later date by Administration staff)
  • Baptismal Certificate (include a copy with your enrolment form and the original can be sighted at a later date by Administration staff)
  • Immunisation History Statement (available from mygov/medicare)

Click below to download our:

Enrolment Form School Prospectus 2021 Fee Structure Enrolment Principles

To arrange a school visit or meet with the School Principal, please feel free to contact us at any time.

COVID-19 Fee Relief

Catholic Schools Broken Bay are committed to supporting families as the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in the community. No family will be excluded from our school because of financial difficulties.

Even if you have not enrolled yet, we would like to offer the following help with school fees if you need it:

  • A full reduction on ALL fees if your family gets JobSeeker.
  • A 50%+ reduction on ALL fees if one parent in your family gets JobKeeper.

If you are unsure if your family can get fee help or need assistance completing the form please contact our COVID-19 FEE HELP HOTLINE on 9847 0728 (8am – 4pm Monday to Friday).

Please find the 2021 Fee Relief Request form here and return to us at schoolfees@dbb.org.au