Diverse Learners

At OLGC the Diverse Learners Team supports students who have additional learning needs as well as those who have high academic potential and ability.

Our team consists of a Learning Support teacher, two Learning Support Assistants and a teacher for students for whom English is an additional language.

For students requiring additional work in maths, differentiated maths programmes are developed for these students.

Our support targets students in the early grades of school with specialised small group literacy work and individualised intensive reading programmes and classroom support to ensure the best possible outcomes for students with additional needs.

The school implements a cluster grouping model as a way of meeting the needs of students with high academic potential, motivation and achievement in English. These students can work at a faster pace, at a higher level and can deal with more complexity. For more detailed information on our Diverse Learning areas please click here OLGC Diverse Learners Response to Intervention Model

Through the work of this team, we aim to encourage the students to ‘let their light shine’ by embracing learning at a pace that maximises their learning potential.