A Special visit to OLGC for the Senior Students

Recently Stage 3 had the honour of hosting Mary Kabanda, Ugandan Commissioner for Catholic Education, along with refugees from Uganda. Their stories were both inspiring and deeply moving. Among them were Morris and Teddy, a married couple who have called Australia home for the past 6 years since 2017. Tragically, due to the dangerous circumstances in Uganda, they were compelled to leave their 5 children behind and currently in hiding. The children’s ages range from 7 to 16, and their absence for the past 6 years left us humbled and grateful for the ability to be with our own families.

Mary, a dedicated Principal and teacher at two African schools, accommodates numerous children who have been orphaned or neglected. Presently, she provides care for 25 children, including a boy born without legs. This experience reminded both teachers and students of our own blessings and the importance of extending help to those less fortunate worldwide.

Morris brought a vivacious energy to the room, engaging students in dancing and imparting the wisdom of the 4 Ds for guiding life’s journey: DREAM, DISCOVER, DESIGN, and DELIVER.

Later in the term, we will be fortunate to reconnect with these remarkable individuals. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to each of them, as well as to Bill & Margaret Clark, grandparents of Ava, who made this meaningful opportunity possible.

Below is Senior student, Ciara O’Donnel’s reflection on the experience.

Stage 3 was visited by refugees from Uganda. All of their stories were quite inspirational. Their names were Morris, Teddy, and Mary. Morris and Teddy have been living in Australia for 6 years (since 2017). They had to leave their children in Uganda because it was too dangerous for them to live there. They had to leave their children behind, and they are currently in hiding. They have 5 children. Their youngest is 7 and their eldest is 16. Hearing that they haven’t seen their children in 6 years we all felt grateful that we can go home to our families. Mary is a principal and teacher at 2 schools, a primary and secondary school. She takes in a lot of children whose parents have died or have been neglected. Right now, Mary is looking after 25 children, and one boy was born with no legs.

By Ciara.