At Our Lady of Good Counsel we believe that learning should be meaningful, challenging, well supported and fun!

The school curriculum is organised to ensure each child experiences a well balanced education which is compliant with NSW Board of Studies requirements and inclusive of our view that education is for the whole child – spiritual, academic, physical (mind, body and spirit). Our Catholic beliefs are embedded in our curriculum.

Contemporary research shows that children learn best when they:

  • can see the whole picture
  • are actively engaged
  • have their individual learning styles recognised and met
  • can build on prior knowledge and skills
  • can take responsibility for their own learning
  • are given opportunities to reflect
  • can connect new learning to the real world
  • experience content that is meaningful and purposeful

Our Lady of Good Counsel has adopted the inquiry approach to ensure that we cater for the above. From contemporary research we know that children learn best when they are actively engaged, rather than sitting passively, filling in worksheets. This inquiry approach to teaching and learning is embedded in all areas – religious education, numeracy, literacy and our integrated units and is an effective means of stimulating interest, energy and enthusiasm for learning.

To provide an optimum learning environment, Our Lady of Good Counsel has devised an integrated curriculum which enables us to meet the needs of all our learners. The Key Learning Areas which are integrated usually involve English, the Human Society and Its Environment, Science & Technology and Personal Development, Health and Safety. Some content areas do not integrate naturally and are taught as ‘stand alone’ units.