Creative Arts

This area includes Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts curriculum, we cover a wide variety of mediums, including, painting, drawing, modelling, sketching, sculpture and digital. These techniques are taught to the students to enrich and promote their talents and interests. We also investigate many different styles of art through the study of famous artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Ken Done and Kandinsky. The children are encouraged to take part in competitions in our local area where they can express themselves through their artworks.


Opportunities exist for creative expression and experimentation with a variety of media and material integrated across the curriculum.  The Music program is taught by a specialist teacher and includes singing, percussion, movement and music appreciation.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts team includes a specialist music teacher, the band teacher, music tutors and the drama teacher.


Drama is taught by a specialist teacher. The children develop performance skills, creative movement, dance, expression of mood, spacial awareness and biannually participate in an end of year production.