This Key Learning Area involves learning to develop an active, healthy lifestyle; developing skills in inter-personal relationships; positive values, attitudes and beliefs; participating in regular physical activity.

Our Sport program includes Fundamental Skills K–2, netball, soccer, eagle tag, AFL and cricket. A specialist P.E teacher provides up to date and dynamic programs which develop skills and support the children to achieve their personal best. Each class participates in one specialist P.E lesson per week.

Children are divided into 4 colour houses.  These are as follows –

Tasman – Red
Dampier – Blue
Bass – Green
Flinders – Yellow

The PDH component of the program closely follows the units based on the following strands: Growth and Development, Interpersonal Relationships, Personal Health Choices and Safe Living.

Students in Years 2-6 are involved in the annual swimming carnival and children in Years K-6 attend our annual athletics carnival. Students who excel in various winter and summer sports are also invited to represent the school at Inter-school, diocesan, inter-diocesan and state level.