School Facilities

Our Lady of Good Counsel is very well resourced due to the organisation of the budget and the commitment of parents through the P&F.

Some of the resources include:

  • An oval covered in artificial grass providing a playing space which can be used at all times during the year.
  • Shaded playgrounds consisting of the undercroft area, basketball court and a creative play area.
  • Bush area – Kalioola.
  • A technology system involving chromebooks, iPads, laptops, PCs, Apple TVs, whiteboards with projectors and VR goggles – all supported by Wifi.
  • A well-stocked library providing a contemporary learning environment which caters for multimedia presentations.
  • A team of specialist teachers who support the Key Learning Areas – Creative Arts, Library, Music, Sport/PE, Coding, Languages (Indonesian). All these areas have the appropriate equipment and materials.
  • An extensive music program with a large variety of instruments to augment the bands and class music lessons.
  • Additional services are before and after school care, canteen, supervised bus and children road crossing, supervised pick up at Landscape Avenue and a supervised drive-through on Currie Road all of which enable us to move children on and off the site in safety.