Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL)

PBL is a whole school approach to behaviour management that adopts proactive strategies for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create a positive school environment.  It also provides a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour.

At OLGC this school wide programme is grounded in ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn. The values embedded in developing safe, responsible learners have been unpacked and through a series of prepared lessons these are explicitly taught and practised.

Children are expected to respect the feelings, and property of others. We aim to assist children to grow in responsibility for their own actions and to be able to accept the consequences when their behaviour is contrary to the rules of the school.

This year we have added a new dimension to the PBL program at OLGC. We have introduced a discipleship challenge to go with each of our school rules. Each week class teachers watch and observe children to see who in their class has been demonstrating and living out the values of the discipleship challenge.  A small discipleship trophy is awarded and placed on the child’s desk at school for a week.

OLGC School Rules ....

"At OLGC we let our light shine by being Responsible, Respectful, Safe Learners"

Please download the matrix to see rules for each week along with the discipleship challenge to go with each of the school rules