Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School has a rich tradition that began with the first teachers – the Brigidine Sisters.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School boasts a storied heritage that traces its origins back to the devoted Brigidine Sisters, who were the first educators to grace these halls.

These sisters embodied a profound love for God, which they demonstrated through their unwavering hospitality to others. They found God in the simplicity of everyday life, in the splendour of the natural world, and in their unceasing quest to explore the profound connection between God and life.

Today, these timeless values continue to thrive as we diligently uphold the principles of hospitality, care, and support. Our school’s serene natural surroundings offer numerous spaces for prayer and contemplation, where the wonders of nature and creation inspire reflection. Furthermore, the distinctive symbols cherished by the Brigidine Sisters remain an integral part of our school identity. These symbols, such as the lamp of learning, the Brigidine cross, and the Holy Scriptures, serve as a poignant link to our rich heritage.

Central to our mission is the formation of students as dedicated Catholic disciples, exemplified by our motto, “Let Your Light Shine.” Our vision is to foster a Christ-centred community where learning flourishes within a nurturing yet challenging environment, and where all individual’s unique talents are embraced in harmony with the school’s guiding motto.

As an integral component of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, our mission guides us to:

  • Cultivate faith development within a welcoming Catholic community dedicated to service.
  • Strive for excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Embrace the individuality of each student.
  • Provide a safe and supportive atmosphere.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of our community as a whole.