Library News

Library news Term 4 2023

Welcome back to our final term for 2023. There is lots of activity happening in the library this term:

Kindy continues their Social Emotional Skills program, using the Behaviour Matters series prior to moving onto fun Christmas activities towards the end of term.

Year 1 are to begin a social justice-based program themed around the Nativity.

Year 2 are undertaking a fun ‘behind the books’ author investigation into Roald Dahl to find out more about the man behind the many famous characters we know and love.

Year 3 are having fun writing and illustrating, learning techniques from our favourite crazy and curious team Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.  Be prepared for discussions about what kind of food would make good ammunition in a food fight, and would a tortilla make a sensible defensive shield?

Year 4 begin the annual Amazing Race. Each week students will face weekly challenges in a team-based competition to seek out the best problem solvers, strategists and motivators in Grade 4.

Stage 3 have begun their Transition to Year 6 and High School program that will help prepare them for the upcoming challenges of primary school leadership and being the new kids at Secondary School.

A reminder that your children’s library days for Term 4 are as follows:

  • Kindergarten & Year 1 – FRIDAY
  • Year 2- WEDNESDAY
  • 3-1A and 3-2F – THURSDAY
  • 3-3E – WEDNESDAY
  • 4-1H- THURSDAY
  • 4-2GE- FRIDAY
  • S-1B & S-3C- THURSDAY

A gentle reminder that to avoid books being damaged in school bags, children will not be permitted to borrow unless they bring a library bag to school. Their bag does not need to be “school issue”, any sturdy bag is fine.  Your assistance with this is much appreciated.

And a final request to please return all overdue books as soon as possible.

Natalie Cox

Library Teacher and K-2 Indonesian Teacher