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SOCKTOBER IS ONLY 2 weeks away!! 

As of today, our school has raised just over $250. Thank you for all who have donated to this great cause.

 Last year we raised $7,000 for those in need. Let’s raise the bar this year!!!!

In 2023, students and their families across Australia will team up to support families in Timor-Leste facing health and wellness challenges.

Our projects on the ground help sustain and enrich the lives of vulnerable children by providing vital medicines and health support.

School Fundraising Page  

Below is the link and the QR code to the OLGC Socktober Fundraising page.

OLGC Fundraising page  

The QR code will also lead you to the fundraising page, if you wish to make a donation you can follow the steps to find our school.

Any student or family who would like to set up some fundraising goals can link it to our school page which would be fabulous idea also.

SOCKTOBER Event Day (Term Four – Thursday 2nd November)  

All funds raised on this day will be added to our schools fundraising for Catholic Mission.

  • Children will be making their own soccer balls at school and participate in fun games to raise money and awareness.

****Start looking for materials to bring in and re-purpose old clothing / plastic bags, string and other great materials. WATCH THIS TO GET SOME IDEAS OF WHAT TO BRING.

  • More details about the day will come in a few weeks. 😊

Thank you for making a difference to the lives of those in need.

I look forward to supporting this fundraising event at OLGC, with the support of our staff, students and community.

Pray for Peace

We have been adding this Prayer for Peace to our daily routine. To support and help our neighbours and we invite you also as a family to use this prayer also.

Yours sincerely,

Allison Houston

Classroom Teacher / Religious Education Coordinator


Socktober Announcement