OLGC Public Speaking Success!

Excitement Reigned at the Diocesan Public Speaking final.

We had an electrifying night on Monday, 11 September at St. Patrick’s Asquith for the Diocesan Public Speaking Final.  The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation, and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular.

We are thrilled to announce that OLGC’s School Captain, Luke, achieved an impressive second place and the Runner’s Up title! It’s a testament to his hard work, dedication, and outstanding talents.

The remarkable final 12 cluster-winning students represented the 36 Diocese schools. Their journey to this stage has been nothing short of remarkable, and their determination shone brightly. All of the students presented their three-minute prepared speech. Afterwards the students then had 10 minutes to prepare a 1-minute impromptu speech.

Luke’s teacher, Mr Copping, played an essential role by providing invaluable support during the event. Rumor has it; he even offered a few sneaky Tim Tams to keep the spirits high!

The adjudicators for the evening included Mr Danny Casey, the head of Catholic Schools Broken Bay, Hornsby Mayor, The Honourable Philip Ruddock AO, and Ms Jane Denny, Learning Partner: Learning and Teaching at Catholic Schools Broken Bay.

Mr Casey remarked on the immense achievement of these final 12 students, considering the hundreds who competed across the 36 schools. It was indeed a remarkable feat, showcasing their exceptional abilities and talents. Furthermore, Mr. Casey expressed his delight in knowing that these confident and brilliant students will become our future leaders. Their potential to shape our future is bright, and their journey has just begun.

The Diocesan Public Speaking final at St. Patrick’s Asquith was a celebration of talent, determination, and the promise of a bright future. Congratulations to all the participants, especially Luke, for their outstanding accomplishments, and may they continue to shine as the leaders of tomorrow!