Senior Years at OLGC Forestville


Additional processes we will be integrating into the Years 5 & 6 routines.

We have consulted with our pathway high schools, Mater Maria, Mercy College and St. Paul’s regarding ways in which we could further support our students’ transition to secondary school. Already at OLGC, we have a fantastic transition program coordinated by Mrs Natalie Cox, our librarian. Ex OLGC students visit our current Year 6 students and share their learnings from their Year 7 experience.

Our stage 3 students also have access to lockers and diaries to allow them to become more independent and organised.

The feedback from our feeder secondary schools have prompted us to make the following decisions:

  • Consistent homework approach to stage 3- diary used every day.
  • Timetable in diary.
  • Incomplete class tasks to be completed as homework.
  • Rubric for project home tasks/ project (once a term)
  • Maths online/ Maths Space and Reading remain compulsory homework tasks.
  • Parents to sign/ check diary during weeknights.
  • Pre-warning of major assessments and recorded in diary.
  • Independence walking to some specialist sessions, for example creative arts room.

Our homework policy will continue to align with our whole school approach. Maths online and Reading will remain compulsory tasks, however we will explain to the students the importance of developing a consistent attitude to homework as they prepare to transition to high school. We will encourage them to complete the additional homework/projects/tasks set. If parents wish for their children to opt out of the extra homework, they will be asked to communicate this through the student diary.

We believe implementing these procedures will support a better transition to high school.

I would also like to remind families of the many benefits to keep your child / children at OLGC for their senior primary school education. Please refer to the flyer below:

If you have any queries regarding the above information, please feel free to contact our school services team in the office.

Kind regards,

Paola Brannan