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Thank you to everyone who is sending their child to school with a library bag. A library bag (of any kind) means that borrowed books can be transported home safely, helping to prevent damage and loss, and all the while encouraging responsibility and respect for borrowed materials.

Library 2024

We’ve had a terrific start to library this year.

Kindergarten have begun their Social Emotional Learning journey in the library. We have engaged with some loveable wildlife characters in the Behaviour Matters Series of books.  So far, Monkey has provided some excellent examples of why it’s critical to listen to instructions, and Elephant showed us why it’s important to share.

Year 1 has started learning about Diversity and Inclusion. Over the course of the term, we will examine quality texts that teach us about the glorious variety of people that populate our world.  Quality texts will include stories about Autism Spectrum Disorder in My Brother Charlie and The Girl Who Thought In Pictures; The Story of Dr Temple Grandin.  We will learn about visual impairment in Six Dots, A Story Of Young Louis Braille, and discrimination of gender and colour in The Doctor With An Eye For Eyes; The Story of Dr Patricia Bath.  We have enjoyed lively conversation and insightful comments already.  A terrific bunch of young learners.

Year 2 are learning about the fundamental functions and organisation of a library.  At this stage, they have been exposed to a lot of new vocabulary and had fun solving problems of where to find non-fiction texts using the Dewey Decimal System. Questions such as, ‘Imagine you are planning a holiday to another country. Where would you find books to help you plan?’

Our senior students in Years 5 and 6 are researching and presenting information about various significant religious and cultural dates observed in Australia.  The term has begun with an assortment of projects such as the Anniversary of the Apology, Shrove Tuesday, Lent, and Lunar New Year. This Friday 8 March is International Women’s Day and students have already created some impressive work in recognition of this important day.

Coming up on Friday 21 March we will learn about Close the Gap Day and jointly construct a commitment to value health equality as a fundamental right for everyone in Australia.  I’ll keep you posted!

Indonesian culture

This term students in Stage 2 are enjoying lessons with a focus on Indonesian culture. Students have been presented with background information on their topic, and are now engaging, representing and expressing their learning according to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Based on scientific insights into how we learn, the goal of UDL is to use a variety of teaching methods to remove barriers to learning and give all students equal opportunities to succeed. UDL is a wonderful framework for learning. Across the year, all grades will engage in a term of Indonesian culture and language lessons during library time in which they will apply their learning using the UDL structure.

What are we learning and where did we start?

Year 3 have engaged with Indonesian folktales about Si Kancil. Si Kancil a character that features frequently in Indonesian folk lore. Si kancil is a very clever mouse deer, the smartest animal in the jungle.  Si kancil is frequently found in dangerous predicaments, yet he always plays tricks on others and is able to escape any situation!

Year 4 have learnt about the historical and geographical evolution, and cultural tradition of the kebaya. The kebaya is a traditional Indonesian women’s blouse. It opens at the front, has long sleeves and is held together with a beautiful brooch. The kebaya is worn with a batik sarong, and sometimes a songket (long fabric with golden weave), and other traditional textiles.

Then what?

Prior to starting their self-chosen response to the topic, students had to complete a proposal that outlined the focus of their work, the materials they planned to use and a general summary of what they intend to create. Each student/group presented their proposal to me for approval, and following that, we each signed off on the document, creating a contract of intent. Both grades were offered the choice to work as individuals or in collaboration with others.

Current projects include the creation of:

  • handcrafts using paper, fabric and clay
  • puppets and puppet show scripts
  • clothing design using fabric
  • watercolour painting
  • chronological timelines using Minecraft
  • mapping the geographical movement of the kebaya (from the Middle East to Indonesia and surrounds) using Lego and Minecraft
  • scenes from Si kancil folktales using Lego
  • stop motion animation
  • original music composition

I look forward to sharing images of completed projects towards the end of the term. Click below to view a selection of photos taken recently showing the students starting their projects.

Library UDL Teaching Indonesian – Our Lady of Good Counsel Forestville (

Lego donations

If you have any Lego you can donate to the library, we would really appreciate it! Please drop it to reception when it is convenient.

Natalie Cox

Teacher Indonesian & Library