Parent & Parish News

Parent News

I look forward to the upcoming P& F meeting to talk to parents about resilience. Please come along and enjoy the meeting and short presentation.

Parents are so important in all our lives, and we thank all parents for all their hard work you do for all our wonderful children at OLGC.

“A child is a reflection of your love, guidance, and nurturing – a beautiful reflection of your heart.” “A child’s nature is often a mirror of the environment they are raised in and the values they are taught.” “In the eyes of a child, we see the reflection of our actions and words.”

Parish News

First Reconciliation

This weekend we celebrate and pray for with 130 Children from the parish and school who will make their First reconciliation. We pray for these children and celebrate with them as they make another step in their sacramental journey.

School Family Mass

This weekend we also look forward to celebrating our school family Mass.

Stage One are hosting the mass with a lovely morning tea and handball game afterwards. Everyone is welcome to come and join in and celebrate with us. Mrs Webster and the school choir will be providing the music for the Mass and it will be a wonderful celebration.

We welcome Ivana B mother of Antonia in year 2 as the new Parish Secretary of French Forest Catholic Parish. Fr Satheesh is very happy to announce Ivana’s appointment and we all look forward to working closely with Ivana.

Peace & Blessings,

Susanne Bragge

Parent Engagement Coordinator