Library News Week 4

The Jarjum Initiative

Jarjum is an Aboriginal word that means ‘child’ in the Bundjalung language.

On Tuesday 24 October, students from OLGC attended the inaugural Jarjum session at St. John the Apostle Catholic Primary School, Narraweena. Led by Michelle Moylan, CSBB’s Learning Partner: Aboriginal Education, and Elizabeth Bailey, Aboriginal Education Teacher and Pathways Coordinator, our students enjoyed an afternoon of learning and connection to culture.  Created by Stefanie Thom, Assistant Principal at St John’s Catholic Primary School, Narraweena, The Jarjum Initiative is a wonderful program for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across the eight Kindergarten to Year 12 Northern Beaches schools of Catholic Schools Broken Bay.

Jarjum’s vision is to provide children and families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds with authentic cultural learning experiences. Its purpose is to inspire the hearts and minds of our Jarjum, to instil in them a love of learning, and provide them with the encouragement to use their talents and be the very best they can be. Throughout the program, students will build and maintain connections with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students across the Northern Beach cluster from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Along with teachers and parents from our Northern Beaches Primary schools, Assistant Principal Alexis Conn and Natalie Cox represented our OLGC staff and supported our students during this delightful afternoon of connection, learning and sharing. We can’t wait until the next session in 2023.

Alexis Conn and Natalie Cox