Parent & Parish News Week 2, Term 2 2024

Mother’s Day

We hope you enjoyed the Mother’s Day Liturgy, and we appreciate all the kindness, smiles and love which filled our school on this special morning. If you were unable to attend the morning you can view the liturgy by clicking here.

Changes to Class Masses

Moving forward our Class Masses will be changing from a Friday morning to a Thursday Morning. Please save the date and join your children as they participate in these special events.

Family Masses

Please note the additional Mass and changes to our family Masses this term. We warmly invite all our lovely mothers, families and friends to come to Mass this Sunday for Mother’s Day.

This Year 5 and Year 6 will be invited to host Mass on Saturday, 1 June at 5:30pm. We will send out invitations closer to the date. The dates below are now all in the school website calendar and on the summary of dates in this Newsletter.

Term Date Mass Type Music by Stage
1 11 February Parish Family Mass Parish ALL
1 10 March School Family Mass Sarah Webster Stage 1
2 12 May Parish Family Mass Parish ALL
2 1 June School Family Mass

5:30pm Sausage sizzle

Sarah Webster Seniors
2 9 June

(long w.e)

Parish Family Mass Parish ALL
3 11 August Parish Family Mass Parish ALL
3 8 September School Family Mass Sarah Webster Stage 2
4 10 November Parish Family Mass Parish ALL
4 8 December School Family Mass Sarah Webster Kindy


Our Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel celebrations were meaningful, and students learnt a lot about the significance of this day for our school. Part of this also involved visiting the Grotto, see image below.

Please remember that the Grotto is a sacred, special and holy place to visit and pray.

We encourage families also to visit this space together and reinforce its importance.


Parish news

Fr Satheesh has asked that I let the whole school community know that our Parish will be moving to a new weekend mass timetable as of the Saturday, 1 June. These changes will hopefully allow parishioners to choose an appropriate time for weekend mass.

Please Note

From the weekend of 1st /2nd June the new official Parish Mass Weekend Times will be:

St Anthony in the Field

  • 9:00am Sunday Mass

St Martin de Porres Davidson

  • 5:00pm Saturday Vigil Mass
  • 8:30am Sunday Mass

OLGC Forestville

  • 5:30pm Saturday Vigil Mass
  • 10am Sunday Mass
  • 6pm Sunday Mass

First Holy Communion

First Eucharist (Communion) Sacramental program begins next week with a parent information session next Thursday evening at 7pm. The Program is for the children in year 4 or older, who have completed confirmation and reconciliation. Families who were involved in the Reconciliation program last term should have received and email from me with details of the First Eucharist preparation and dates for the First Communion Masses.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the program or if you did not receive an email from me.


Our next parish family mass will be this Sunday, 12 May. This is a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day. All families are welcome and there will be a special blessing and treat for our Mums and a treat the children after the mass. If you are able to attend the mass and would like to take part in the mass, please complete the form using the link Or see the invitation attached. Hope to see you there.

Prime Youth Group

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all our youth to the next “PRIME” youth group PRIME youth group is for children in Years 5, 6 and 7 at school. The next meeting for 2024 will be Friday, 10 May 5:30-7pm in the parish centre. It will be a games and pizza night.  More details are on the attached invitation or click on the link   or see the initiation attached. Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Our parish website is full of all the wonderful things happening in our parish and I encourage all families to have a look at the website for the latest details and information. The parish website is Parish Home Site (



Parent education news

Thank you to those parents who were able to make the 1,2,3 Magic and Emotion coaching course over the past couple of weeks. It was a great chance to chat and talk about ways to help all our parenting skills. I hope it is of some benefit to the parents If there are more parents interested later in the year then I would be happy to run the course again.

Susanne Bragge

Parent Engagement Coordinator

OLGC Forestville (Wed & Thurs)


Allison Houston

Religious Education Coordinator