Choir at OLGC


Our singing voice is our first instrument, as unique to each individual as their fingerprint. Singing is as good for physical health as it is for mental well-being, as YOU are your instrument.  

Singing also has many benefits for a child’s general learning and development – listening & memorising, reading music skills, learning patterns and counting, even story-telling! 

Learning to sing together in a group has its own technical requirements, requiring additional skills to those of solo singers – such as harmonizing, blending, balance, and intonation. Singing in choir will also enhance music skills for children learning other musical instruments. 

Kids who sing in the choir also learn to work together to achieve a common goal – to sing “as one voice”, rather than many voices.  

Choir is also a great place to build a child’s confidence and make new friends across the grades. It takes guts to get up and sing in front of an audience! Singing in choir means your child does not do this alone; instead, they do this alongside their peers, creating a sense of pride and school spirit. Kids will take this confidence with them wherever they go – to answer questions in class, stand up for beliefs, or try new things. 

Plus… singing is just a lot of fun and makes us happy! So come and join the school choir at OLGC! 

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