Registration for Band


If your child participated in the OLGC Band Program for a full year in 2023,
and would like to register for PERFORMANCE Band in 2024 on their same instrument: 

Please click here to register.  

2023 Band participants who wish to change their instruments in 2024: 

  1. Discuss your thoughts with the Band Director first. 
  1. Click here to sign up for an “assessment” in Week 8-9 


If your child is interested in joining the Band program for the first time in 2024 (2023 Years 2-5), the registration is a TWO-step process: 


  1. Click here to complete the “Expression Of Interest” form for band  
  1. Present for an “assessment” (child only – held in school time in Weeks 8&9 of Term 4) 

At this assessment, your child will undergo a “blow test” – which allows them to see and try all the available types of instruments, to test their suitability for various instruments. The reason for this is that all the instruments are played in quite different ways, having quite different mouth-pieces and other requirements; children are often better suited to particular types or styles of instrument. 

Once the assessment process is fully completed for ALL applicants, your child will then be allocated their instrument based on: 

  1. the Band Director’s expert opinion on the best choice for them 
  1. their own revised instrument preferences (after they have seen and briefly tried all the instruments at their “assessment”) 
  1. the number of available places for each instrument in the Band Program for 2024. 

New Band students for 2024 will then be contacted to complete: 

  1. Band Registration 2024 (Google Form) 
  1. Student “code of conduct” document 
  1. Parent (single) consent form for all “out of school hours” (OSH) MEP events 
  1. OLGC Instrument Hire Agreement 2024 (if applicable)