Taking care of your instrument

It is very important that you clean and maintain your instrument on a regular basis. 

Your tutor will show you how to do this. An instrument cleaning cloth has been provided with your instrument; however, you still need to purchase slide oil or cork grease from a music store (eg Mall Music at Warringah Mall). 

WOODWIND instruments (flutes, clarinets and saxophones) must be kept dry inside so that the pads do not get sticky. The outside must be wiped regularly with a clean cloth to stop the instrument getting tarnished. Do not use any polishing agents. 

You must supply your own reeds and remember to bring spares to your band practice. New reeds can be purchased from the School office. 

BRASS instruments (trombones, trumpets, euphoniums) should be wiped down regularly to keep the instrument shiny. Do not use any polishing agents, just a clean dry cloth. Your tutor will show you how to grease and oil the valves and slides. 

Most importantly, you must NEVER: 

  • sit on your instrument case (these are costly to repair) 
  • store your instrument in the classroom (store them in the Music Room instead) 
  • leave your instrument in a hot car or in the sun (this will damage your instrument very quickly)